T.S.Misra college of Nursing and Paramedical prepares it students to live and function well in the class rooms as well as the real word which will take them by storm when they enter the profession of nursing. Our highly qualified and experienced faculty aims to make nurses that can hold their own in the national as well as international scenario by providing our students with the necessary facilities, training material, aids, etc.- all that which will help them develop into their overall success- personal and professional.

Library Facilities
Hostel Facilities
Clinical Facilities
Laboratory Facilities
Transport Facilities
Canteen & Mess Facilities
Security Facilities
Recreation Facilities
Common Room & Room furnishing
Health Services
  Library Facilities

The most important part of the college is the library which gives ever chance the ideal atmosphere for discovering their own potential through self-study and research. While they are looking for their own answers or doing their work, they might discover a topic of interest and start their own research on it or they could learn something crucial like this for their examinations and more importantly, their real life profession. The library is spacious with comfortable seats and value added services which help in acquiring knowledge like subscription books, references, international journals, magazines, newspapers, latest edition books – all these are available related to paramedical, medical and nursing field. The internet facility is also an attraction here.
  Hostel Facilities

Our hostel is situated inside the campus itself. This gives a hygienic, decent and a comfortable and feel-good aura and atmosphere to the hostel. The hostel is equipped fully with basic amenities required for recreation and living that make every inmate feel right at home. There are triple occupancy rooms with attached bath. Water & electricity facilities are also available 24 hours of the day. Treated water for drinking and water coolers is also available.

Conduct in the Hostel:

  • Residents should behave in a way that is acceptable and appropriate.
  • Residents must respect the discipline and the decorum of their own hostel campus.
  • Your noise level should be in consideration with the studying and the sleeping time of other students. Your life should not obstruct theirs.
  • Residents are expected to maintain the cleanliness of their rooms.
  • All electrical appliances should be turned off when they are not being used.
  • You will not be permitted to take a tape recorder or a radio inside any hostel.
  • Residents should be ready to pay for all damages except the ones caused due to the normal wear and tear.
  • Cooking by residents is not permitted.
  • Pasting posters or writing on the walls, etc. is not allowed.
  • Residents should lock all windows and doors when they go out.
  • They are completely responsible for keeping their valuable items and cash safe.
  • They cannot hold anyone else accountable for any loss as far as their private property is concerned.
  • The principal can permit you for a night pass twice a month.
  • No visitors will be allowed during the hours of the college unless the matter is urgent.
  • No visitors will be allowed inside the room of a resident.

Our seating arrangement is very comfortable and a playground too is provided for leisure activities. The campus has the facility of Wi-fi for our students as well. When the aim of the institute is to enrich the career of the students, then you can be sure that you will get professional career guidance, which is always available for you at the college campus itself.

  Clinical Facilities

Theory is only useful when applied in the real-life situation. Thus, the students never have to face problems of practical training. We believe in perfecting their on the job skills and creating the most wonderful and par excellence nurses out of them. Apart from various labs where hey can practice to their heart's content, we also give the training in our hospitals that hone their talents and prepare them for the real world.

Hospitals affiliated to our college for Clinical Training:

  • T.S.Misra Medical College Ans Hospital.
  Laboratory Facilities

Besides the equipments that are available in both audio visual aids, the college boasts of superbly-equipped and technologically-ahead labs. These contribute greatly towards a student's training process by allowing him to learn by doing and observing. These college labs for students are:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Fundamental
  • Community health nursing
  • OBG
  • Child health nursing
  • Psychiatry nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Computer
  • Microbiology
  • A.V. Aids
  • Nursing Practice Lab
  • Community Practice Lab
  Transport Facilities
Being Updated.....
  Canteen & Mess Facilities

The canteen of the college is always full of activity and youthful energy. The students love to hang out here because of the spacious, hygienic and comfortable atmosphere and moreover the delicious food cooked by our expert and seasoned cooks. The students need not worry about their health because only the best quality of ingredients is used in the food. The management is a firm believer in providing a wholesome and balanced nutrition and a clean environment. Residents of hostels get meals 4 times a day with a different menu each time.
  Security Facilities
We understand the importance of each and every student's safety while he is away from home. No suspicious and unscrupulous elements are allowed in by the guards. The students can feel comfortable and safe when they enter our college. The security is well-connected with the police as well. We take care of our hostellers' need for safety. Their parents will not leave disappointed after having seen our security arrangements. Round the clock security is available at the hostel's main entrance and you will always find an alert guard there.
  Recreation Facilities
One cannot always study and train their minds during the nursing course. An equally balanced room must be allowed for the emotional and mental stability of the students. This matures their mind, relaxes their worries, keeps them strong and nurtures their team spirit, another essential part of nursing. Many indoor and outdoor facilities are provided for the students; need for recreation and leisure.
  Common Room & Room furnishing
A common room is a place which is supposed to stimulate conversations, discussions and friendships. It is the place where every hostel resident finds a home environment. We have made sure that is the atmosphere that a resident gets when he/she sits in the well-furnished and airy common room. The rooms are quite spacious and every resident is provided with a cot, wardrobe, desk & chair and mirror. The rooms are well-lighted and ventilated.
  Health Services

Health services constituted by our School will be available in the main hospital at lower prices for the students.

These include:

  • Yearly medical check-up.
  • Only students who are medically fit get their admission ticket during exams..
  • Students will be vaccinated against cholera, typhoid, other communicable infections and diseases.

A comprehensive health record is kept by our College.